Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping 2.0

I've led a nearly non-technological life for the past few weeks, with only occasional access to e-mails and intermittent cellphone coverage, and zero logins to Facebook. It's been great!

Since finishing my internship, Nate and I spent a weekend in Lucerne, five days in Paris and a long weekend in scenic Overton, UK...then one night at my dad's (well, Nate had a flight rebooked due to weather and spent the night in Providence at a hotel) and 11 days camping in Acadia National Park in Maine. We sublet our apartment, you see, since neither one of us would be there for June and July, but the only way we could do it was to sublet it through August 16! So we are currently homeless, and having spent all our money in Europe, are living the cheap but wonderful life of meals cooked over the fire and days spent biking or hiking on beautiful trails or walking on rocks by the ocean.

We head back home on Sunday with stops at both of my parents' houses beforehand, but we are spending the last few days of this long vacation in Camden, ME. In contrast to our remote location in Acadia, the state park here is ultra-modernized and even includes wireless internet access at most campsites! So, I am typing this on Nate's tiny netbook from my seat at the picnic table in our site, with chips and salsa and beer (shhhhh) and Nate across from me, planning our activities for the next couple of days. The mosquitos are leaving us alone and our few neighbors are very quiet, so overall it is a lovely, peaceful evening.

But I kind of enjoyed being off the grid, so I'll retreat now to offline mode. Look for more updates and photos in a week or so.