Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shifting Gears

This week started out strong: I solved the wireless internet problem, put the finishing touches on my resume, posted it on Monster, checked out some career websites, took a CPR class (why not?) and shoveled some snow. But then, it all fizzled. I was moving forward in second gear or so (let's be reasonable, after all) and now I'm practically in reverse. What happened? Well, I made a few discoveries. Compounding my recent Sudoku addiction, I discovered Spider Solitaire on my computer, and On Demand Cable on my TV (we upgraded from basic cable to very near the whole shabang last week). I've been watching all the HBO series: Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and today, nearly an entire season of Entourage. This is bad. (Not Entourage...despite going against all my liberal-arts-college-feminist sensibilities, I find it not bad at all. I mean, anything that stars two peripheral cast members of Old School can't be bad). Anyway, I hope to get back on track soon. Maybe tomorrow, just in time for the weekend.

An Afternoon on Tobacco Caye

Anyway, I have posted a few more photos, this time from Belize. At the outset of my trip to Central America, I hadn't planned on going to Belize but I'm so glad I did. I spent a totally relaxing week there, with lots of sun, snorkeling, good food, and some of the friendliest and most welcoming locals I met I met on my trip. My highlight was the three days I spent on Tobacco Caye, a tiny island (5 acres) with only hotels, a dive shop, a bar and a couple of houses. I met really nice people at my hotel and we spent plenty of time in hammocks, snorkeling around the gorgeous reef, playing cards and just hanging out. One chilly afternoon we found creative ways to pass the time: we cracked open coconuts, and played bocce using conch shells, rocks and coconus. (This is the point when my brother told me he started thinking I was making this all up). After Tobacco Caye, I moved south to Placencia, where I enjoyed the first sandy beach I'd seen in nearly two months. And now I can cross "go skinny dipping in the Caribbean at the full moon" off my life to-do list.