Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Buenos Aires

I am here! And just as a warning, I am on an extremely old computer, so there will be no photos, and it is an argentine keyboard so there will be no apostrophes and some punctuation might be messed up.

I got on my flights with no problem yesterday and even flew the Washington, DC - Buenos Aires leg in Business Class! This was so great, because the seat reclined almost all the way back and I was able to sleep (not to mention the free champagne).

My first impression is, wow, this is a big city, which is an obvious thing to say if you have ever seen a map. But it sprawls out and from the airplane you can see city blocks and buildings as far as the eye can see. I havent really gotten my bearings very well yet, but I spent the afternoon wandering near the Casa Rosada (Pink House, the seat of government) and then took a placement test at a potential Spanish school. I am staying in an area called San Telmo which is supposed to be a cool neighborhood, and I will be going out to take a wander around later today and tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news from BA...hopefully one of these days I will get to a computer that is a little less ancient, and I will be able to upload some photos. In the meantime, if you are feeling desperate, you could always go out and rent Evita.