Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Luck of the Irish

For the past three nights there have been a couple of guys from Dublin staying in my room at the hostel. Although I have to say I use the word "staying" in the loosest possible way. Each night they go out to dinner, come back, change and go out to the very popular Irish pub Kilkenny. Then, around 5 AM, one of them stumbles back and when I get up to go to class he is sleeping soundly. I can only assume his mate made a new friend at the pub and no longer needs his space at the hostel. This morning they had to be at the airport this morning at 5, so they planned to stay out all night and go directly to the airport instead of bothering with sleep. Indeed, I was awakened briefly at 4 AM when they (both, this time) came back to retrieve their belongings and head to Rio, where the last I heard they had not yet been able to find a place to stay, and where Carnaval starts today. Looks like at least one of them will probably be sleeping on the beach...

Anyway, they have been amusing me for a few days, and I thought I would share this fun little anecdote with you.