Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I spent the day strolling aimlessly around, getting to know the city. I saw some big monuments and a lot of streets, but due to my extreme reluctance to pull out a map in public, I´m not sure what they were. Tonight I´ll have to check my guidebook to see what´s what. (You´ll note I found the apostrophe, or a similar mark anyway, but it´s still strange--I have to type two in order for them to appear, and then delete one. This can´t be how Argentines type. I´ll keep working on it).

I walked along the Avenida 9 de Julio, which is huge and has about 7 lanes going in each direction. Then I sat in the sun for a while, and later found my way back to the central shopping street, where I always seem to wind up. There are lots of familiar names, some European, some American (e.g. Zara, Nike) but it is refreshing not to see a Gap on every corner, and not a Starbucks in sight!

On my way back to my hostel I chanced upon my first tango dancers! I really feel like I´m in Argentina now, never mind that I think all the other spectators were American, and it was obviously a tourist attraction. It´s a beautiful dance. hmmm, tomorrow maybe I will look into taking some lessons...

By the way, I can´t access gmail from this computer, so if anyone has e-mailed me I won´t be able to respond until further notice. Sorry!