Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Valparaiso Colors

Well, I´ve left Mom and Dan to their own devices and have returned south to subject myself to some more rain and cold! (Well, it does make my backpack lighter if I am wearing all my warm clothes.) We had a nice couple of days in Valparaíso, enjoying the sun and the colorful buildings lining the city´s many hills. Many of the buildings are made with corrugated iron siding, such as the one you see above. While there, we also experienced a very minor earthquake, which apparently happens frequently, as it is located on a major fault line. Click here for more Valparaiso photos.

Tomorrow I will be exploring another result of this geothermal activity: climbing the Villarica Volcano. It will be another attempt at climbing ice and snow using ice picks etc, and hopefully this time it will not be cancelled by weather! It´s an active volcano, so at the top you have to be careful not to breathe in the Sulphur fumes. Hopefully after that I´ll be able to continue the Geology 101 lesson by soaking in some hot springs.