Saturday, December 10, 2005

Belize it or Not...

Fun Facts about Belize:

  • It is more expensive here than anywhere else I've been in Latin America. At $6 per hour, it's also the most expensive Internet access. Therefore, this will be brief, and photos will have to wait.

  • The official language is English. Locals speak a creole-type dialect and sometimes Garifuna, both of which are very melodic and impossible to understand. Travellers who have been in other neighboring countries for a while inevitably start speaking Spanish in restaurants and shops, and I can't shake the feeling that somehow I'm cheating or taking the easy way out by speaking English.

  • The policy in most establishments is: no shirt, no shoes, no problem.

  • The main activities are: sitting in hammocks, swimming, sitting in the sun, reading, snorkeling or diving, eating, drinking rum cocktails and sleeping. I've already done my fair share of most of these.

  • The forecast for the next few days is: more of the same.