Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photographic evidence

It's a quiet weekend here. Nate is in Charlottesville celebrating his friend Nick's 30th birthday, and I am working on my first two papers for school. One is done (and was submitted this afternoon) and the other one should be fairly easy, so it's not a stressful time here.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we hiked up Mt. Wantastiquet, the local peak just across the river in New Hampshire. It was a nice hike and the view was beautiful:

View of SIT from Wantastiquet
(See the white buildings in the center of the photo? That's my school.)

We're lucky to have had beautiful weather most of the time since we've moved here. Last weekend we picked apples, a fine New England tradition. Can you see me in the tree?
The best apples are at the top

I finally uploaded some photos from our move. Here's one of our long and narrow room. Thankfully, it looks a lot better now:
The main room

To see more photos of the apartment and our weekend adventures, check out my photoset on Flickr.