Saturday, March 03, 2007

One of those kinds of days

It's one of those know, the kind of day that you spend at home, just puttering around, cleaning up, listening to music, etc. I've been doing laundry, finishing up my taxes, playing my share of hearts on the computer (suck it, virtual rivals Pauline, Ben and Michele! I just shot the moon four times in a row!) and otherwise poking around. The only difference is, for a little while, I did it all wearing a floor-length cocktail dress. I was going through my closet, getting my suitcase out for my vacation which starts this week, when my eyes fell on my selection of dresses. It's a small collection that never gets worn, especially a very fancy one I bought a few years ago and have not worn once. Anyway, I thought I would try a couple of them on, just for fun, and one was just so pretty that I decided to leave it on for a while. It was fun, and gave my household puttering a little bit of glamor. Maybe I'll watch a movie in it later. I rented Marie Antoinette, and I think wearing a fancy dress seems fitting.

I hope you all are amusing yourselves this weekend, too.