Saturday, February 11, 2006

A little help?

iPod Screen Problem

EDIT: Thanks to Chris, this problem is no longer a problem! Now I can stop worrying about my music and devote my full attention to Olympics coverage.

My iPod kind of broke today. The screen seems to be stuck on the song you see here. (At least it wasn't something embarassing). The insides still work; I can play other songs, I just can't see the menus, so it's nearly possible for me to play something specific. I managed to turn on the clicker after a lot of trial and error, so that might help a little, and my next step will be to try to turn on Shuffle Songs so at least I can set it up to play at random. I've tried all the buttons to fix it, I tried plugging it into its docking station/speakers, and I tried connecting it to my computer and loading on some new songs. These things all worked, but the whole time it just shows this same screen.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone have any thoughts about this?