Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wine and Food in Santiago

It´s been a couple of eventful days in Santiago, mostly involving trips outside of Santiago, as well as a healthy dose of traditional foods and wines. Mom and Dan and I ascended to the top of a city-center hill to try to discern the outline of the Andes through the smog, then toured the Concha y Toro winery in the rain (where did that come from? it was sunny in the morning and we were shivering and unprepared in short sleeves), including a look at the infamous Devil´s Cellar. We have been enjoying our public-transportation adventures, which involved riding through bustling suburbs on a packed minivan, and once taking a bus to the side of the highway, where we waited and flagged down another bus to take us back to the city. Today we came to Valparaíso, which seems really nice so far, and hopefully soon we´ll find a place to stay and won´t have to sleep out in the street (I am guarding the bags in this internet place while they go door-to-door looking for a place). I am anticipating a long-awaited trip to the beach any day now.

NOTE: I have uploaded some photos from the last few places I visited, and linked them to the relevant parts of the last few blog entries...take a look below for the new links.